The Book of Daniel Comes Alive for Little Ones at the CFN Feast!

The CFN Feast of Tabernacles in Ft. Walton Beach, FL offers special times for our children to make friends, to learn about the way of God and deepen their relationship with Jesus. 5 days of activities are offered for our youth and young adults just before morning services.

Small children (4-9), will follow Daniel (Dr. Dusti Howell) into captivity in Babylon, where God's faithfulness will help him and his friends navigate the perils of lions, fire, and the uncertainties of life in the palace.

Co-led by Sharon Wilson and Deanne Howell, the program provides youngsters the chance to "apprentice" with Babylonian "shopkeepers" to create crafts. They also learn scriptures and explore biblical principles in small groups with their tribe leaders.

Scheduled for every non-Sabbath day, the program features lively music directed by Celebration Leader, Kate Ambrose. (During Sunday’s service, the children will present the songs and verses they learned through the week.)

Immersing children in a biblical story helps them understand the relevance of scripture to their own lives and makes learning fun.