One of the wonderful things about celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles in the Fort Walton and Destin areas of Florida is the wide variety of housing available. You can find just about anything from one-bedroom studios to eight-bedroom homes and everything in between.

If this is your first year attending the Feast of Tabernacles in the Emerald Coast area, here are a few tips about where you might want to stay and how to book your accommodations.

Where to Stay

Our attendees have a variety of needs and interests and flexibility is why we return, year after year, to the beautiful Emerald Coast. If you’re conflicted about where to stay, consider the following questions:

Do you especially enjoy fine dining and shopping while at the Feast? You might be more inclined to stay in Destin. There you’ll find a wide range of restaurants, shopping and activities.

Do you want to be close to worship services and plan on spending most of your free time on the beach? The Fort Walton side of the Emerald Coast (also described as Okaloosa Island) offers a strip of condominiums including the large, family friendly complex Waterscape. Waterscape boasts its own outdoor waterpark which is great for families with young children. Okaloosa Island is just a few minutes from the Emerald Coast Conference Center where worship services and many activities are hosted.

Feel like your family needs are somewhere in the middle? Try staying on the western side of Destin closer to the land bridge in areas described as Holiday Isle or Mid-Destin. The further east you stay the closer to shopping and eating but the longer your commute to services and the more traffic you’ll encounter.

Still confused? Join us on Facebook and chat with other attendees about their favorite places to stay.

How to Book

In the past we have negotiated small discounts with vacation rental companies such as Wyndham Vacation Rentals and Southern Resorts. However, most of our attendees find great deals through and
Okaloosa Island VRBO Rentals
Destin VRBO Rentals
If you find your perfect accommodation only to see a “Saturday through Saturday” booking requirement, don’t worry. Owners often make exceptions for attendees once contacted directly.