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Common Faith Network

Early Feast Registration Special

Register by June 25th and pay for your housing through Common Faith Network to receive an 11% discount and tax exemption status.

Follow these steps:

  • Register Here
  • Make your reservations at the rental of your choice and confirm with your rental owner/agency that they will give you tax exemption status with proof and payment from Common Faith Network
  • Mail your housing payment along with the address to which payment must be forwarded to:
    CFN Housing, PO Box 8428, West Chester, OH 45071.
    Include any details or reservation information that needs to accompany payment. Once we receive your check and information we will forward payment and a copy of our Florida tax exemption status to the designated payee. If you would like confirmation that we received your payment, include your email or phone number to receive an email or text.
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    2016 Feast of Tabernacles Details

  • Uplifting Sermons— Each day of the Feast you will enjoy inspiring sermons given by men of faith in the Church of God. Scheduled speakers for 2016 are Bill Jacobs, Guy Swenson, Wayne Cole, Ken Swiger, Jim O’Brien plus others. The deep meaning of the Feast and its application to Christianity is our primary focus.
  • Youth Programs— The most interactive learning program for children anywhere including staged sets with in-character performers to create an authentic presentation and bring a realistic view of biblical truths to the children. The theme this year will be “Egypt: Joseph’s Journey from Prison to Palace”. We also offer interactive teaching discussions with teens and young adults.
  • Informative Workshops— Jesus’ ministry dealt with real life issues such as health, money, mental health and false religion. CFN provides workshops on the same issues and all taught from a biblical perspective. Last year we had more daily workshops than any other Feast site with many more planned for 2016 such as:
      — Physical and Mental Health
      — Family Relationships
      — Marriage
      — Child Development/Education
      — Addictive Elements That Destroy The Family
      — Doctrinal Studies
      — Congregational Issues!
      — Understanding What We Believe And Why
      — Prophetic Significance
      — Impact Of Islam On America
      — What The Bible Says About The Future Of Man
      — Strengthening The Local Congregation
      — How To Light The Fire Of Excitement In Your Congregation All these topics with a focus on biblical teaching!
  • Quality Housing— Members have varied housing needs and interests and the beautiful Emerald Coast is the best place we’ve found to provide the ideal home for each family. You will find a wide range of restaurants, shopping and activities. Many members will be staying at:
      — Azure
      — Waterscape
      — Summerplace
      — Many other locations within one mile of the Emerald Coast Convention Center
  • Come Celebrate the Feast of TabernaclesIn Ft. Walton Beach with Common Faith Network

    At CFN, we make it a priority to provide an environment for brethren to fellowship across church boundaries by teaching sound doctrine that is common to our faith. Make plans today to join us to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in 2016 in beautiful Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.

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    Firstfruits From the Rejects

    All the holy days point to Jesus Christ, often in multiple ways. For the soon-approaching Pentecost — the Feast of Firstfruits — Jesus is Himself “the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep” because He was the first of God’s people to raise from the dead to eternal life (1 Cor. 15:20-23). He’s also the […]



    Church of God International

    It’s the Little Things That Matter

    by Brandy Webb

    Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I know not everyone who reads my blogs are mothers. However, I wanted to share some things that made me realize that it is the little things that matter, and I believe this applies to everyone who desire to be more joyful and content. 

    First, let me say that I have a tendency to focus on the negative little things that drive me crazy. For some reason, it is by far easier for me to see those little negative blots in my life rather than see the twinkles of the positive little things that want to brighten my life. Yesterday was one of those days at first. I won’t go into the details because this is supposed to be an uplifting blog, not a drag. Let me just say it wasn’t my family’s fault at all; I was just focusing on annoying little trials and goals not met yesterday.

    So, finally I got tired of being in a funk. I mean, it was Mother’s Day after all. I was supposed to be thanking God for allowing me to be a mother to two beautiful children, which is truly a blessing. I know women who would love to have children and can’t, and here I was boohooing about negative events and situations in my life instead of rejoicing that I am a mom. Therefore, I had to do something to stop the joy stealers from winning, and start searching for the twinkling little things that were all around me.

    First, I started to focus on the little sweet things my kids did that day for me. My son had made me a flower and a card at school. Both the card and the flower were beautiful. My daughter gave me a custom-made calendar, fixed me breakfast, and did the dishes without asking. This is actually a huge thing, not a little thing. My husband grilled us steaks for dinner and helped clean the kitchen afterwards. There were more small things, but the truth was, I was allowing foolish thinking from nearly keeping me from noticing these precious little things.

    The truth is, we are supposed to enjoy life, for “there is nothing better for [us] than to be joyful and to do good as long as [we] live; also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil—this is God’s gift to man” (Eccl 3:12-13). Some of us may have more food and drink than others, but we aren’t supposed to compare ourselves with each other. The key here for joyfulness is to enjoy the blessings that you have received from your labor, and to stay focused on them instead of looking at your neighbor.

    We are to be joyful and rejoice always and to “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thess 5:16, 18). Notice the similarities with Solomon’s advice and Paul’s? It is God’s will for us to be joyful and thankful for what we have received. So, if you are wondering what God wants you to do with your life, here it is, and this is what I realized I wasn’t doing yesterday. I was not living within God’s will. I was not being joyful and enjoying the blessings He has given me. My children are the fruits of my labor, and my job is to enjoy them while I can. I am grateful that God helped me turn myself around and taught me a valuable lesson: pay attention to the “little” positive things because they are more valuable than gold. “Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues with injustice” (Prov 16:8).



    Christ’s First Words

    My parents tell me my first words were “Dada” and “duck.” I’m sure many of your parents also shared with your how excited they were when you first started talking, or perhaps you have kids of your own and eagerly waited for the first words to come from their mouths. We view first words as […]




    Flesh and Spirit

    On the first New Testament Pentecost, God sent the Holy Spirit to each Christian. This startling event caused a lot of things to change. The Apostle Paul said that the Spirit of God. when in us, makes war against our “flesh.” And the “flesh makes war against the Spirit. What did he mean by that? He also said that if we “walk in the flesh,” we will die. So it’s important. Learn in this Pentecost presentation how God, through the Holy Spirit, is perfecting you, if you are a Christian



    Church of God Fellowship, Lansing

    Lake Rathbun Iowa Feast Of Tabernacles

    Church of God Fellowship, Lansing will once again be celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles at the Honey Creek Resort State Park, on Lake Rathbun. It's a beautiful setting on the lake, in the rolling hills of south central Iowa. The site offers an opportunity to leave the busy world behind and spend time learning, growing, and developing relationships with an extended family of fellow believers.



    Morning Companion

    The Middle Verse

    I'm thankful for the 2016 election cycle. The name-calling dysfunction and the distressing choices remaining to us have been good things because this messy milieu is a reminder of The Middle Verse.

    It's true we long for real leaders who offer real solutions to real problems. It's true that we need statesmen whose prime interest lies in what is best for the country instead of their own pocketbooks and power base. And it's also true that such leaders get rejected in the election cycle in favor of those with a gimmick or a stunt. 

    But this time around it has been a good thing to have clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right because it all serves as a reminder of The Middle Verse.

    In the King James Bible The Middle Verse is in the 118th Psalm. That's the verse that has as many verses following it as it has before it. By chance more than design The Middle Verse reads, "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man."  (Psalm 118:8) The 9th verse is much like it. "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes." 

    Or, as a friend once said, "Don't worry about who is in the White House or who is in the outhouse. God is still on his throne."

    That seems like good advice not just for this year, but for all years.



    Church of God Cincinnati

    The God of History

    One of the greatest phenomena the world has ever witnessed occurred over 3,500 years ago and is still remembered today. God took a small nation enslaved to the most advanced and powerful country the world had ever known and ripped off the bands of tyranny setting the slave nation free.

    No other god had ever demonstrated such incredible power to accomplish such a noble purpose and it remains an unchallenged manifestation of the existence and goodness of God.

    It has become a metaphor for what Jesus Christ does for His followers today. Mankind seems to embrace slavery. We are enslaved to debt, drugs, pornography, junk food and television. These slaveries are entered by choice and exited by war.

    The miracle of Passover continued by the Passover Lamb is that God fights the battle for the oppressed against Pharaoh to gain freedom for those without hope. Israel had to do her part. It wasn't easy to pack all the family belongings onto a cart, herd the cattle, sheep and oxen together, prepare the food and "walk" to freedom. Besides, they had no weapons with which to oppose a well-trained, well-equipped army. They didn't even know where they were going. They only knew they were going OUT of slavery and they had to trust in a God they could not see.

    The deep symbolism this represents for Christianity is unparalleled in any other events in history. Jesus was killed on Passover. He is our Passover Lamb. It is His blood spread across our doorposts that protects us from the death angel.

    Understanding this, one can only wonder why all Christian churches don't celebrate Passover? The Good News is that one day all Christians will observe Passover. In keeping His last Passover on earth Jesus told His disciples "this is my blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins....I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father's Kingdom." (Matt. 26:28-29)

    Imagine the time when Christians will keep the Passover with the Passover Lamb-who is then King of Kings!

    The man whose great hope is to share in that meal with Jesus Christ tomorrow, can begin today.

    Until next time,

    Jim O'Brien




    The Value of Ceremony

    This sermon by Jim O'Brien takes a look at the value of ceremony and the warning of taking the Passover unworthily.